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clients / July 2, 2015

Rest in peace Divo


It’s never a good day when I hear from my client that their dog has passed away. It really breaks my heart when I hear about a 4 year old whippet that was in fine health before hand.

I photographed Divo and his family last fall and we got some really wonderful family photos. The focus for them was to get some nice photos of their growing family which was their new son and two dogs. We went out to Carlisle and wandered around Great Brook State Park. I got a wide variety of photos focusing on them as a family. Their other dog, Ginger, wasn’t as wild about the photos and was more interested in exploring but Divo was dedicated to his family. He was always near by and watching over his family.

I got an email from them, letting me know that Divo passed away. It was totally unexpected. From what I know, he was just laying around and had a heart attack. There was nothing they could do. It was a horrible day for them. It’s one thing to lose your pet from old age or even from something like cancer. You’re allowed to process the loss is coming. This was totally unexpected.

They decided that they needed a photo of Divo that they could keep and remember him. They contacted me and I went through my archives to show them all the photos and re-edited some photos that focused on Divo. They decided to get the photo above of Divo on the rock. It really shows how much he was always watching over their family. I gave them an extra 5×7 photo of just Divo that they can keep on their desk. I didn’t have any great photos of just Divo that would work big but the top photo is edited from a much bigger photo of the family.

Over time, they will heal but they will always have Divo in their hearts. They will have these photos of Divo showing how much love there was between Divo and his family.

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