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clients / January 9, 2015

Photo Friday – GusGus

WOW, it’s cold here in New England. Oh how I long for the summer months where I could go out and complain about how hot it was. I do have to say though, that I do appreciate the seasons.  I lived in San Francisco before I moved to Boston and there are NO seasons in SF. It’s just 60 and overcast all the time. I love SF but happy that I can enjoy the good with the bad here in New England. Plus, I do love photographing in all the different weather. I’ll be photographing two dogs this weekend who love the snow. I’m excited to show those soon.

This photo of GusGus was taken when I did mini-sessions in Boston when I collaborated with Pawsh Dog Boutique. My Favorite store in Boston. You couldn’t ask for better people who just love their clients. I’m hoping to do more in the spring.

What’s your dog favorite season?

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