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clients, promotion / March 10, 2013

A new iphone case for consumer clients

iphone case

My first sample smartphone case.

This weekend I got my first sample of case for my iPhone.  I’ve got a 4s and really like it.  When I got my phone, my first case was an Otterbox case which as the great ability of hiding the sleek design in a super protective case.  It was okay but bulky.  I’ve been seeing people and samples of custom phone cases and thought that would be a great option for my consumer clients.  What’s better then having the image of your pet right on your own case.  The power of print on demand makes it possible.

I’ve decided to offer a FREE iphone case with a photo on it to any client that spends over $1000 in printing.  Seems like a real win for everyone.  My clients get a cool iphone case from Case-Mate and they will be walking around, showing off their cool new case to all of their friends who will become extremely envious and want the same custom photo made for their phone.

I choose Case-Mate because they had the nicest case that offered some level of protection for your phone.  Most custom cases were just a slim clase that offered little protection to the phone.  Case-Mate’s case offers a bit more protection because it’s got a hard shell case around a rubber siding inside.  The case I choose also has a “amplifying sound” option which directs the sound up instead of out from the bottom.  It’s a nice touch.  Nothing beats an otterbox for protection but they don’t offer custom printing.

I’m pretty happy with my sample and am looking forward to see the first few roll off the line.

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