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  • opinion November 6, 2015

    Photo Friday – Holiday photos

    Do you have your holiday photos yet? Is your family getting together for the first time in years? Maybe you want to preserve those memories forever. Having a beautiful photo

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  • opinion September 23, 2015

    How often do I get photos

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my clients and how I create work that they will have for a lifetime. When do they decide to contact me is different from

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  • opinion April 1, 2015

    Being there for my clients

    When I first started shooting for clients, I put up a web gallery and hoped they would buy all the photos they wanted. That didn’t work because most people don’t

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  • Spring is coming, they say
    opinion March 25, 2015

    Spring is coming, they say

    How should you plan for your big photo shoot? It’s been a long winter and planning for a photo shoot would be great but how do you start? Sometimes it’s

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  • opinion January 6, 2015

    You want your first dog

    I just saw this great graph on the benefits of owning a dog that I posted on my Facebook fan page. That’s something that everyone who owns a dog knows but

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  • opinion, Photos December 26, 2014

    iphone photography regret

    I’ve believe that the best camera you own is the one you have with you. Now that everyone has a camera on their phone everyone can enjoy taking all kinds of photos. I

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  • opinion October 16, 2014

    Caring for your photos

    In the process of helping my clients decide on prints, I try to take a hands on approach so they end up with the best quality reproductions. Some of the options

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  • opinion, Photos September 3, 2014

    Shooting for the walls

    There are always so many great photos we see online and in our travels. So many look great with bright vivid colors that just pop off our computer screens. For

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