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  • Family May 9, 2014

    Happy Mothers Day

    My wife has to put up with a lot for be to run my business as a professional photographer. I know she has to take care of the boys when

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  • Now you can share your black dogs
    opinion April 9, 2014

    Now you can share your black dogs

    Today, I started a new tumblr page so people can share there black dogs and stories with the world. Since the Huffington Post article, I’ve been swamped with emails of people sharing

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  • Photos, promotion March 18, 2014

    Senior Portraits

    As I’m working hard to build my business I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts, reading blogs and trying to follow trends that are going on in the world of

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  • opinion, Photos March 14, 2014

    Size Matters

    This photo shows how you can tell how important the size of your print is.  It’s amazing to me that people still even want 4×6 inch prints. When photography was

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