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  • Photos May 27, 2014

    Busy Black Dogs weekends

    The past few weekends, I’ve been scheduling photo shoots for my black dogs projects. Weekdays can be easier because the house isn’t busy but most people don’t have time on

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  • Photos, promotion May 20, 2014

    Plans for travel

      This year, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for travel locations and have been looking into places that might want me to come and photograph for them. I’ve

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  • Photos May 16, 2014

    Photo Friday

    To keep things interesting, I’ve decided to start a weekly post on called Photo Friday. I’ll put up one of my latest or favorite photos. Feel free to leave comments below

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  • Events May 15, 2014

    First meetup outing

    Last week, I did my first Meetup photography outing. A few months ago, I started a Meetup group called, The Passionate Photographer to allow me to keep connected to the educational

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