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Archive for 2015
  • Photos June 5, 2015

    Photo Friday – Family

    Fun family photos in the studio. Funny how friends are made. My son’s friend in preschool loves to play together. They do play dates all the time so I get

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  • Photos May 27, 2015

    helping others

    I’ve been trying to do my best to keep busy but I also want to be able to help out where I can. I got an email from one of

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  • Family, Photos May 4, 2015

    Grumpy face

    Last week was school vacation week so we took the kids on a road trip to upstate New York, near the finger lakes. We had a fun time even though

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  • Events April 24, 2015

    Photo Friday – From Baypath

    Really excited that I’ll be featured on Channel 5 news magazine show, Chronicle today. I went to Baypath Humane Society where I took some fun photos as part of the

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  • Photos April 22, 2015

    Family portraits

    I know I spend most of my efforts talking about my pet photography work. Let’s face it, I love photographing animals. That doesn’t mean I refuse to shoot family portraits.

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