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Photography by Fred Levy

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Fred Levy

There are two things that I want to be doing professionally- teaching and photography. I’ve done many other jobs revolving around this idea, but never just those two things alone. I have been teaching since graduating from the School of The Museum of Fine Arts in 1999 and have been shooting fine art style photography, flipping between film and digital since 1993. It wasn’t until my wife and I adopted our dog, Toby, that a real focus and clarity came to my professional life where I really knew what I wanted to photograph. I started taking photos of Toby and other dogs around the neighborhood, and traveling to local area dog parks lit a spark that gave me clarity of what I wanted to shoot. I’ve always enjoyed photographing people in a candid, casual way. I’ve never applied that idea to animals before Toby, but discovered that this was something I really loved. This lead me down a path of seeing all kinds of other great photographers who focus on pets as their subject matter.
Now as a father of 2 boys, I’ve expanded my interests to include people, children, and families into my portrait work. With my extensive understanding of technology and my history of darkroom experience, I’m able to apply my expertise in developing exciting work that works on many levels. What is most important is that my clients love the photos and enjoy the experience. Because my family means everything to me, creating photos that will be cherished for a lifetime is my top priority. I would love to be the person that can bring that to you and your family.

Pet, Portrait and Commercial

25years of experience