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Toby on the couch – Photo Friday

On the couch 2013 – 2017 I’ve been going through some of my favorite photos of Toby and trying to re-create them again. I’ve been focusing on studio shots since it’s still snowing even though it’s spring in New England. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in such a short time. It seems like it’s…

dog in bed

Toby in Bed – Photo Friday

Photo Friday:

I’ve been looking at different lighting options so I decided to practice with Toby, doing what he does best; lying in his bed. It’s always good to practice and Toby can be a pretty good sport. Especially when he’s in his bed napping.

Photo Friday – Love my photo shoots

Lanie and Billy came to my Maynard studio today for their photo shoot. I shot edited and delivered the photos all in one day. Jen, the mom, was worried we wouldn’t get the shot she wanted because she was worried her dogs weren’t being good. Most people worry that their dog won’t be good for a shoot but…

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Creating apps for clients

This year, I’ve started using a new service that allows me to create apps of a mini-gallery for my clients. It’s a great way for me to bridge the gap between people who want digital files but don’t know why. Selling (or worse, giving away) digital files doesn’t really help my clients. Most times, these…

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Harley the black lab

Harley, a black lab, was one of my fall shoots I did through Pawsh Dog Boutique. Harley was so good for the shoots but that would be expected for a black lab. All he wanted to do was hang out with his dad and pose for photos. We were able to get him to do…

Photo Friday – GusGus

WOW, it’s cold here in New England. Oh how I long for the summer months where I could go out and complain about how hot it was. I do have to say though, that I do appreciate the seasons.  I lived in San Francisco before I moved to Boston and there are NO seasons in…