Book For Sale

Are still looking for something special for your dog loving friends? My book has everything they need. Beautiful photos, great stories, something they can show off and something you can enjoy too when you are at there place. I have a limited number of books for sale and if you want it to put under…

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Giving back on my birthday

December 9 is my birthday. I didn’t really know what my plan was today, but it started with my boys giving me a birthday card and making me feel good. Tonight there will be cake and maybe some kid wrangling to get them to bed on time. But then I thought, what should I do…

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Photo Friday – In the studio

Shelby and Cody studio photos Looking through my photos, I really wanted to share Shelby and Cody studio photos. I’ve shared them before, but I like looking back and seeing some of my work. With the holiday’s coming, it’s always good to see how much has changed in the past 12 months. I’ve got big plans…

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Liberty in Boston

While the leaves were still on the trees, I did a photo shoot in Boston in the Boston Public Gardens. They were looking for fun, nature photos but wanted Boston to be a big part of the shoot. He works in the city and she’s a teacher on Carlisle. Liberty is there new puppy that has…

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Photo Friday – Holiday photos

Do you have your holiday photos yet? Is your family getting together for the first time in years? Maybe you want to preserve those memories forever. Having a beautiful photo is a great way of creating memories you and your family will have forever.

Have a great weekend.

Book giveaway

a giveaway This week, I’m trying something new. I’m running a giveaway for signed copy of the Black Dogs Project book. I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from so many people that I wanted to offer a giveaway to those who follow my work. This giveaway will run until Friday, 11/20. You can…

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Video Friday – Black dogs portfolio

Custom Portfolio for the black dogs project I’ve created a limited edition portfolio that goes along with the Black Dogs Project book. I’m working with a local printer who prints exclusively with eco-friendly papers and inks and the portfolio box is produced by a Rhode Island custom portfolio builder. This is going to be limited…

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Shooting for my clients needs

If you’re looking at my website, there is a good chance you like my pet photography. There is also a very good chance you love your pet. But how do to put that together? All of my clients have come to me wanting beautiful photos, but none had a clear vision of what they wanted…

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