Walk in the Park – Video

I was playing around with time laps on my Canon G9 while walking the dogs at the park.  It’s a little hard on the eyes but a fun little experiment.  I want to do more with either time laps or strap on cameras. I’d love to see the world from a dogs point of view.

The BLOG is Back

I’m considering using this as the main entry to my site but for now it’s the BLOG link. It is way more then just a blog though. There are portfolio pages that dance around and look really cool. Very image friendly and I can even add video. I’m going to put together a nice Links…

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Rachel at Boston Bean house

Rachel out for Coffee

Rachel and the family went out to the Maynard coffee house, Boston Bean House. Besides having the best grilled cheese sandwich around, they have really nice afternoon light.  I always bring my camera and take pictures there when we go.  I’ve gotten great pictures of all the grandparents we’ve brought there. In this photo, I’ve…

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My weekend photo shoot

Last weekend I did a shoot for Rossina, Eduardo and their dogs. Even though we had bad weather, we made the best of the day by shooting in both of their apartments. It was a good learning experience. We were orignally going to wonder around the Fenway park area and take pictures. It was an…

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