Isaac after bath

I love this picture. I took it last summer  at Grandma’s house. The narrow focus and the expressions on everyone’s faces are just so full of love.  I was digging through a limited number of photos I’ve got on my laptop (the main collection is at home on my drobo), and I  paused on this…

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Stow Minutemen

Every Patriots Day, the Stow Minutemen walk from Stow to Concord and their route walks right by my house.  The drums, fifes, and muskets are going off and I can hear them coming from 1/2 mile away.  That great except that they walk by my house before 6am.  Rachel woke me saying, “Listen, Listen, the…

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Toby checking email

Toby has been doing lots of modeling work for me lately.  I’ve been looking at lots of different stock photography and have been trying to create a funny re-creation of all the themes just using dogs.  Some of the themes are around business, family, medical, education, and any other option that uses lots of images…

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Working with what I’ve got

In the process of expanding my portfolio, I am dragging out all my old projects that I’ve never made time for.  It’s always a good way to exercise my creativity.  Part of that process is breaking habits and letting things happen.  In this photo is a rocking chair that I’ve had all my life.  At…

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I WILL do more

I’m on a quest to create really dynamic commercial photographic work.  To do this, I’ve really got to bring my photography work up to a new level. I’m working with some really great help right now and I know that will help.  The hard part though is that I’m just entering this tunnel.  There is…

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Walk in the Park – Video

I was playing around with time laps on my Canon G9 while walking the dogs at the park.  It’s a little hard on the eyes but a fun little experiment.  I want to do more with either time laps or strap on cameras. I’d love to see the world from a dogs point of view.