snail mail

Promo’s are out to the masses

The Latest promo is out to the world.  I’ve sent these out to anyone who I thought might be interested in my work or having me make work for them.  They were sent out in two stages.  First was sent out to art buyers, magazines and ad agencies.  I’m hoping that somewhere between the mail…

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New design for a new year

Well, I did it.  I updated my WordPress design for this website!  I’ve been thinking about this since December and with the new year, I finally found a design that I really liked.  The funny thing is, after looking at all kinds of cool templates and reading all the reviews, I choose the same designer…

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From Click to Photo

I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts, reading blogs, and doing online classes to continue to better myself as a photographer and as a business.  While listening to a great Creative Live class with Tamara Lackey, I had a real “a ha” moment about the process of creating work.  The photograph isn’t done the moment…

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Looking back at 2012

2012 was a year of growth for me and it was really needed.  As the year was coming to a close, I was first a bit down that I haven’t done enough this past year. I decided to put a year in review slideshow together to put online and decided that I’ve actually done some…

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Photo of Toby dog with a cutout of toby in the studio

New photo projects coming

It’s been a great year and I have worked with some really great people and pets this year.  I’m still hoping to get my foot in the door with some of the amazing ad agencies here in Boston area so I’m going to do some great promo pieces starting this January.  I’m going to need…

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Lion behind Crow Family at the Museum

Crow Family Holiday card

I was really excited when the Crow family asked me to photograph their holiday family photos again this year.  Last year, we did the photos downtown Boston because they wanted a city view.  This year they thought it about doing something different.  We decided to give ourselves a challenge and shoot inside Harvards Museum of Natural History.  If you’ve…

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