Busy Black Dogs weekends

The past few weekends, I’ve been scheduling photo shoots for my black dogs projects. Weekdays can be easier because the house isn’t busy but most people don’t have time on the weekdays so I try to schedule them on the weekends in groups. Not that I’ve got 10 dogs all at once but I break…

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Plans for travel

  This year, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for travel locations and have been looking into places that might want me to come and photograph for them. I’ve gotten requests from California to the UK and want to go everywhere. There are a few places I am already traveling to this summer so…

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Photo Friday

To keep things interesting, I’ve decided to start a weekly post on called Photo Friday. I’ll put up one of my latest or favorite photos. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think.

First meetup outing

Last week, I did my first Meetup photography outing. A few months ago, I started a Meetup group called, The Passionate Photographer to allow me to keep connected to the educational side of my interests. Besides photography and pets, I also really love teaching. I feel that the possibilities to teach have expanded so much with…

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Happy Mothers Day

My wife has to put up with a lot for be to run my business as a professional photographer. I know she has to take care of the boys when I have to shoot on the weekends or get them off to school when I have to be out the door before dawn. She does…

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Now you can share your black dogs

Today, I started a new tumblr page so people can share there black dogs and stories with the world. Since the Huffington Post article, I’ve been swamped with emails of people sharing photos of their dogs and the stories behind them. Those stories were everything from tear jerking to hilarious but most importantly, they have all be…

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Black dogs getting some love

WOW! Can I just say that. I was kinda hoping that sharing my Black Dogs Project would get a little more traction, but WOW. What an amazing response I’ve been getting from the Huffington Post article.  I admit I’m totally overwhelmed. I’ve had close to 500 emails from all kinds of people. Everything from funny…

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young man standing with horse. Medium shot.

Senior Portraits

As I’m working hard to build my business I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts, reading blogs and trying to follow trends that are going on in the world of photography. There are lots of things going on but I want to make sure it’s something that I can offer that would make people excited…

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