My favorite Boston Pet Store

I have been really busy these past few weeks doing mini photo sessions in Boston on the Commonwealth Mall mostly due to the best pet store in Boston. Pawsh Dog Boutique on Gloucester street just off of Newbury St. has been voted the best groomer in Boston Multiple times and has a good variety of toys,…

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Happy National Black Dog Day

I guess it makes sense that today, October 1 would be National Black Dog Day.  I’m just finding out about it and knew I needed to share. Make sure you are sharing your photos of your black dogs on my website. It’s been very popular and has been getting a lot of people submitting all…

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Photo Friday – Mada the Vizsla

Mada is one beautiful Vizsla. This is the second time I photographed her. The first time was out in her favorite field where she ran like the wind. Last weekend was in Boston with lots of squirrels and birds to chase but was not allowed. Too many cars here in Boston for that.

Busy mini session in Boston

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. With fall coming, I’ve been trying hard to create new work  as well as going to some different event. I was at Pooch-a-palooza 2 weeks ago and last weekend was the New England Pet Expo. Both had a ton of visitors which was great but I’m not sure if…

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Photo Friday – Balki

Here is Balki, the famous Boston Terrier from Pawsh Dog Boutique in Boston for my photo friday. We did a test photography shoot with Balki and his family for a mini photo sessions I’m doing with Pawsh the second half of September. There are 9 slots and 3 are already filled so if you’re interested,…

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Shooting for the walls

There are always so many great photos we see online and in our travels. So many look great with bright vivid colors that just pop off our computer screens. For those who have tried printing those photos though, you might find the prints don’t have the same pop that you’d expect. Others might not look as…

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Photo Friday – Black dog owners

I’ve been posting photos from the black dogs on my canine noir blog for a while now. It’s been really popular and I’m so happy for that. For the next month, I’ve decided to put up photos of some of the people and their black dogs. I didn’t get to photograph everyone but I tried.…

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