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Harley the black lab

Harley, a black lab, was one of my fall shoots I did through Pawsh Dog Boutique. Harley was so good for the shoots but that would be expected for a black lab. All he wanted to do was hang out with his dad and pose for photos. We were able to get him to do…

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Photo Friday – GusGus

WOW, it’s cold here in New England. Oh how I long for the summer months where I could go out and complain about how hot it was. I do have to say though, that I do appreciate the seasons.  I lived in San Francisco before I moved to Boston and there are NO seasons in…

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Best of 2014

2014 was a great year in many ways. It was my first full year committed to my photography business and I’ve learned so much. I’m really excited for 2015. I’m taking everything I’ve learned, making changes and keep moving forward. There is so much going on but I know that with the Black Dogs Project…

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Pricing for sales

Top of my to do list for this year was to redo my pricing structure for prints. I’ve been doing research and took an online photo business class to try to better understand my cost of doing business and how to best structure my prices.  I found that I was way off. Some sizes I…

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You want your first dog

I just saw this great graph on the benefits of owning a dog that I posted on my Facebook fan page. That’s something that everyone who owns a dog knows but how do you get to that place. For those who want to get there first dog, where do they start? My FB fans had some…

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My boy turns 5 today

Since this is why I do everything, I figured I should share that today is my youngests birthday. Happy birthday little big man. My boys mean everything to me. Part of why I’ve committed myself to making the work I do now is because I want to make the best life possible for my family.…

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iphone photography regret

I’ve believe that the best camera you own is the one you have with you. Now that everyone has a camera on their phone everyone can enjoy taking all kinds of photos. I use my iphone to take photos all the time. I use it to post photos on my instagram page and my tumblr site but I’m feeling…

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Black Dog Friday

Posey Black dog at the studio

Happy Friday. Hope your holiday is going well. The best thing to do now is to spend some quality time with the one who loves you and knows you best. Your pet. Have a great weekend.