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Archive for 2015
  • Photos April 17, 2015

    Photo Friday – Chance

    I photographed Chance in my studio almost a year ago for the Black Dogs Project. I often go back and look at all the photos for this project again to

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  • Photos April 15, 2015

    Spring photo shoots

    It’s spring and I’m itching to get outside for photo shoots as all the fresh growth of flowers and trees show off their amazing spring colors. One of my favorite spring

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  • Events April 8, 2015

    Spring events

    Spring is here and plans have been brewing for a while. I’m not going to do as many events this year in hopes of getting some better connections with local companies.

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  • opinion April 1, 2015

    Being there for my clients

    When I first started shooting for clients, I put up a web gallery and hoped they would buy all the photos they wanted. That didn’t work because most people don’t

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  • Photos March 27, 2015

    Photo Friday – Studio day

    Billy and Lanie came to the studio earlier in the year. For my photo Friday, here are two outtakes from the shoot. Jen, who is an amazing wedding photographer can’t get

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  • Spring is coming, they say
    opinion March 25, 2015

    Spring is coming, they say

    How should you plan for your big photo shoot? It’s been a long winter and planning for a photo shoot would be great but how do you start? Sometimes it’s

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