One thing leads to another

Last days for Osito While doing my mini photo session at Especially for Pets in Sudbury, one of my clients was talking about the donkey that she takes care of. I had never photographed a donkey before and was really interested to find out more. I decided to go out to her farm where she…

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Next mini-session in Newton, MA

Next mini-session coming up. I’m excited that I’ll be at Especially for Pets in Newton on April 23 from 11 am to 4 pm for the next mini-session. Already, the morning shoots have been filled but there are still 4 spaces available. I’ve looked at the space and the training room there is perfect for…

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young and old dog

Toby on the couch – Photo Friday

On the couch 2013 – 2017 I’ve been going through some of my favorite photos of Toby and trying to re-create them again. I’ve been focusing on studio shots since it’s still snowing even though it’s spring in New England. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in such a short time. It seems like it’s…

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Toby: young and old

Toby, my old dog It feels like Toby has changed quickly from a young, active dog to an old settled dog. I look at him and hope that I’m doing my best to keep him happy as his body slowly fails him. He’s been my best subject ever since we adopted him and, like I…

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dogs in park with frisbee

A brief history of me and my photography

How I got started in photography I was asked about how I started my career as a photographer.   There are two parts to this story: my passion for fine art photography and later my focus on pet and portrait photography. In high school back in the mid-1980’s, I earned a high school scholarship in photography…

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Belgian Tervuren puppy

National Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day   Yes, looks like there is actually a National Puppy day when people get to celebrate their dogs being puppies. Now, I now you’re a seasoned dog lover, and as such, you know you love your dogs like they are puppies all their lives.  I thought it would be fun to…

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